Tell lawmakers to restore the
#OKEITC for working families

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TheĀ Earned Income Tax Credit is a highly effective tax cut for working families that improves the health and well-being of low-income families. Tell your legislators to restore refundability to the EITC this session! Here are some key points to help you craft your message:

  • The EITC has enjoyed strong bipartisan support as a way to boost work and keep working families out of poverty.
  • The EITC provides a critical boost to the financial security of low-income workers.
  • Restoring the EITC will improves the health & well-being of working, low-income families in Oklahoma.
  • Two in three families that claim the EITC in Oklahoma lost some or all of their credit.
  • Making the state EITC non-refundable means that it does far less to reduce poverty and encourage work, particularly among workers earning the least.